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The next FoTF Conservation Event is earlier than normal due to Easter and will be on Sunday 14th April (*not* the 21st April).

The 2019 Rex Graham Reserve Open Day will be on Sunday 26th May 2019.

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Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF) - Save Our Forests Campaign News - 2015 Archive

Below are the campign updates issued by the Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF) Save Our Forests Campaign during 2015. Click on a heading to expand the section and reveal the update. You can view the latest update here

In the run-up to the General Election in 2015, Friends of Thetford Forest decided to find out, and let members know, what the local candidates standing for Parliament thought about our forests and how they would protect them for the nation in perpetuity.

To do this FoTF drafted a letter that was sent to all the local candidates. Any responses received were published on the FoTF website and updates were posted to the FoTF Facebook page and the @fotf Twitter feed.

Do you want to know what the candidates standing for Parliament in the General Election think about your forests and how they would protect them for the nation in perpetuity?

Friends of Thetford Forest do, so we have asked all the candidates in the constituencies in or around our forest some questions.

These questions are:

  1. Do you support legislation to set up the new Public Forest Estate Management Organisation and thereby safeguard our Public Forest Estate for future generations?
  2. Do you support funding of £22 million per annum (the Independent Panel on Forestry’s recommendation) to deliver wildlife and recreational benefits?
  3. Will you advocate this legislation and funding being included in the first session of the new parliament?

Our full letter to each candidate can be found here.

Please feel free to write to your candidates using our letter or your own, using these contact details.

We will publish any replies on this web-site unedited.

Please click on the candidates' name to view their response.

South West Norfolk   West Suffolk  
Elizabeth Truss MP Conservative Matthew Hancock MP Conservative
Peter Smith Labour Michael Jefferys Labour
Rupert Moss-Eccardt LibDem Elfreda Tealby-Watson LibDem
Paul Smythe UKIP Julian Flood UKIP
Sandra Walmsley Green Niall Pettitt Green

Mid Norfolk   Bury St. Edmunds  
George Freeman MP Conservative Johanna Churchill Conservative
Harry Clarke Labour William Edwards Labour
Paul Speed LibDem David Chappell LibDem
Anna Coke UKIP John Howlett UKIP
Simeon Jackson Green Helen Geake Green