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General Election Candidate Letter Reply - Simeon Jackson

Below is the reply recieved from Simeon Jackson, Green Party Candidate. Mid-Norfolk, to the letter to the candidates in the constituencies in or around Thetford Forest Forest issued by the Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF):

As a Green, looking after the natural world is very close to my heart, and often forms the focus of my own campaigning. In Norwich, where we hold 15 City Council seats, and 4 County Council seats, we've:

  • Successfully persuaded the County Council not to sell off 12 acres of woodland right in the heart of Norwich next to the river Wensum - Train Wood - which the Council had previously put on the market, until our local campaign showed just how much strength of feeling there was to keep it in public hands.
  • Successfully petitioned the City Council administration to reinstate the budget for street trees, which was cut several years ago, and had resulted in a net loss of trees in the city.

Because the Green Party doesn't see our natural environment simply as financial assets, but rather as a part of an entire eco-system that supports us, I would continually be looking for ways of protecting trees and woodlands and ensuring that they cannot be exploited to the detriment of their future for short-term financial gain.

In our manifesto, we have committed to:

  • Make good the Coalition’s unfulfilled promise to protect forests through a Forests Protection Bill;
  • Protect, expand, properly fund and improve non-car access to our National Parks; and
  • Improve the management of woodlands through new planting and the local use of sustainable woodland products.

I pledge my support to this, and also would like to personally pledge "yes" to your three questions. If elected, I would be very keen to enter into a conversation with FoTF as I am aware that it is an important issue for many who live in Mid Norfolk.


Simeon Jackson.

Should you wish to send a personalised message to Simeon Jackson Green Party Candidate. Mid-Norfolk, you can do so by clicking here