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FoTF Annual General Meetiong (AGM) 12th October 2017 19:00 Oak Lodge, High Lodge. Followed by a presentation "Hoots and Churrs: researching the birds of Thetford Forest."

The next FoTF Conservation Event of is on Sunday 15th October.

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Trailing the Hidden Heritage of High Lodge

A New and Exciting Opportunity for Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF)

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The Forestry Commission has been awarded £610,000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund for a project to make a new trail into the forest which will link and interpret its landscape history, wildlife and forest management.

The 4.2km all-ability trail will make the forest and its heritage more accessible for everyone as it will have a smooth surface suitable for families, less experienced cyclists and those with access limitations. Benches and shelters will give 'rest places' and meet the needs of those with restricted health and mobility.

During the two-year project, there will be opportunities for everyone to explore and research the history of the landscape, take part in archaeological surveys and investigations and learn new heritage skills. There will be training to carry out wildlife surveys; to help produce activities for schools and families and to contribute to interpretation.

If you are interested in this project, and would like to be involved or book a place for any of the activities listed below then either:

Or write to:

Project Manager
High Lodge Heritage Project
Forest District Office
Santon Downham
IP27 0TJ

You can also visit to learn more about the project

Date Activity Session
27th September 2017 Making funding applications for heritage projects Morning
9th October 2017 How to access and use historic documents - Norfolk Record Office Afternoon
18th October 2017 How to use the Norfolk and Suffolk Historic Environment Records Day
8th November 2017 Diversity and Equality: Meeting the Needs of All Visitors Day
14th November 2017 How to interpret aerial photographs and LIDAR Images Day
19th November 2017 Identifying the Landscape of Warrening Day
6th December 2017 How to care for earthwork sites Day
12th December 2017 How to research archives for wildlife records Morning
January 2018 Exploring Earthworks at High Lodge Day
January 2018 Discovering Burial Mounds at High Lodge Day
January 2018 Conservation work on Sites of Special Scientific Interest at High Lodge Morning
February 2018 Archaeological Investigation to locate the site of the warren lodge Weekends
February 2018 Identifying and Processing Finds Day
February 2018 Writing an Archaeological Report Day
February 2018 Improving the habitat for Great-Crested Newts Morning
March 2018 The Origins of the Flint Mines at High Lodge Day
March 2018 Discovery Day - The Working Forest Day
April 2018 How to identify tree species and veteran trees Day
April 2018 How to identify amphibians and reptiles at High Lodge Morning
April 2018 How to organise events, talks and visits for heritage projects Morning / Evening
May 2018 Exploring Trackways and Historic Routes around High Lodge Day
May 2018 How to identify birds of High Lodge and Thetford Forest Day
May 2018 How to track and identify animal and bird prints & where to look for them Day
June 2018 Revealing the Secrets of High Lodge Field Day
June 2018 Photographing the Forest Day
June 2018 How to identify plants of High Lodge and Thetford Forest Day
July 2018 How to identify butterflies, moths and insects Day
July 2018 World War 1 Railway – its route and purpose Day
July 2018 Drawing and Painting the Forest Day
July 2018 How to research, design and produce interpretation for the trail and the heritage sites and help with production Day
August 2018 Making Arrowheads and Gunflints Day
August 2018 Making Nets for Warrening Day
August 2018 How to research, design and produce educational materials for the trail and the heritage sites and help with production Day
September 2018 Discovering the Historic Landscape of the parkland, plantation boundaries and shelter belts. Day
September 2018 Community Monitoring of Earthwork Sites Day
October 2018 How to identify deer at High Lodge and Thetford Forest Evening
October 2018 Living off the Land Day
November 2018 Exploring flint-facing on the warren banks Day
November 2018 Planning for Climate Change in Thetford Forest Day
With the exception of the visit to the Norfolk Record Office, all activities will take place at the Oak Lodge Community Building at High Lodge and outdoors at High Lodge.

Instructions and information will be sent to those booking places.

Many of these activities are suitable for families and students as well as adults so please enquire if you need clarification, using the contact details above.

Every effort will be made to ensure that activities are accessible to everyone, within the restrictions imposed by the forest terrain.