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General Election Candidate Letter Reply - Paul Speed

Below is the reply recieved from Paul Speed, PPC Liberal Democrats (Mid Norfolk Constituency), to the letter to the candidates in the constituencies in or around Thetford Forest Forest issued by the Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF):

Thanks for your email - I would respond as follows:

  1. Do you support legislation to set up the new Public Forest Estate Management Organisation and thereby safeguard our Public Forest Estate for future generations? -   I absolutely support this - my family and I have enjoyed Thetford Forest - especially the area around Santon Downham - for years.  I have also had a number of enjoyable holidays in the New Forest in Dorset.  Our forests are a great National Asset and should be protected
  2. Do you support funding of £22 million per annum (the IPF recommendation) to deliver wildlife and recreational benefits? - Essentially yes - we have been in tough times but we need to protect our country for the future as well as now.
  3. Will you advocate this legislation and funding being included in the first session of the new parliament? - Absolutely yes

Many thanks & Kind regards


Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Mid Norfolk Constituency 2015 General Election

Liberal Democrats

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