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The next FoTF Conservation Event of is on Sunday 18th March.

High Lodge will be CLOSED Monday 12th - Friday 16th March due to essential utilities work. There will be NO access onto the site during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused but it has only been recently confirmed that the work is going ahead.

High Lodge is holding a "Forest at Work" Discovery Day on Sunday 25th March from 10:00 (Organised by Friends of Thetford Forest with support from the Forestry Commission). Normal site entry charges to High Lodge apply, but all the "Forest at Work" activities are free.

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General Election Candidate Letter Reply - Sandra Walmsley

Below is the reply recieved from Sandra Walmsley, Green Party Candidate. South West Norfolk, to the letter to the candidates in the constituencies in or around Thetford Forest Forest issued by the Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF):

I was actively involved in campaigning against the sale of our forests and I am very unhappy that the Government has not progressed the IPF recommendations . The answers to your specific questions are:

  1. Do you support legislation to set up the new Public Forest Estate Management Organisation and thereby safeguard our Public Forest Estate for future generations? - Yes
  2. Do you support funding of £22 million per annum (the IPF recommendation) to deliver wildlife and recreational benefits? - Yes
  3. Will you advocate this legislation and funding being included in the first session of the new parliament? - Yes

Your sincerely,

Sandra Walmsley

Green Party Candidate. South West Norfolk.

Should you wish to send a personalised message to Sandra Walmsley Green Party Candidate. South West Norfolk, you can do so by clicking here