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Friends of Thetford Forest is delighted to announce an award of £1107 from the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust to purchase equipment to help with conservation and archaeology tasks. Having applied for funding in August, it is only now that we can publicise our success.
The Postcode Neighbourhood Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People's Postcode Lottery. Our grant came from money allocated to help voluntary groups in this year's challenging circumstances.

The latest FoTF Newsletter (Autumn/Winter 2020) is out now. The new look newsletter can be viewed here.

Forest Discovery Day 2018 Photos

The "Forest at Work" Discovery Day saw almost 1,700 people visit the High Lodge site in Thetford Forest , many of whom had come to see the "Forest at Work" Discovery Day led by The Friends Of Thetford Forest (FoTF) in conjunction with the Forestry Commission.

There were forest machines in action, marquees dedicated to timber production and protection, deer management, archaeology, and space for children's crafts. The local TIMBER mountain bike group were also represented and hosted a display of cycles for the less able person and their impressive multi use machine for trail building and upkeep.

Lots of smiling faces, despite the chilly start to the day, and those that came be back from the deer spotting walk led by the Foresty Commission (FC) Ranger all commented on the very life like appearance of the deer silhouettes recently purchased by FC and in part funded by FoTF that are used for training.