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Friends of Thetford Forest is delighted to announce an award of £1107 from the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust to purchase equipment to help with conservation and archaeology tasks. Having applied for funding in August, it is only now that we can publicise our success.
The Postcode Neighbourhood Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People's Postcode Lottery. Our grant came from money allocated to help voluntary groups in this year's challenging circumstances.

The latest FoTF Newsletter (Autumn/Winter 2020) is out now. The new look newsletter can be viewed here.

Accessible Forest

The new wheelchair being admired by the Monday Volunteers and Forestry Commission staff

One of the aims of Friends of Thetford Forest is to improve access to the forest for everyone, especially at High Lodge Forest Centre. In line with this aim the Friends of Thetford Forest has purchased a wheelchair which can be used by visitors to the site or in emergencies (more details are available from the Information Point at High Lodge).

The mobility bikes on display at High Lodge

The picture, left, shows the new wheelchair being admired by the Monday Volunteers and Forestry Commission staff at High Lodge.

In addition, Bike Art at High Lodge Forest Centre has a small range of cycles for those with limited ability to ride a conventional bicycle, available at standard rates. For those with sensory deprivation such as profound deafness or partial sight or who would otherwise be unsafe riding conventional bikes there are tandems. All of these specialised cycles were donated by Friends of Thetford Forest.

Since FoTF purchased the bikes in 2008 they have been in regular use ever since. In fact, the demand for the wheelchair platform bike has been so great that it is now beyond repair and is regrettably no longer in use. However, FoTF is now working to fund the purchase of a new model which will not only have a platform for a wheelchair but has a protective rainproof cover as well.

A leaflet promoting them has been produced and can be posted or emailed on request by emailing

Trailing the Hidden Heritage of High Lodge

FoTF were also heavily involved in the Trailing the Hidden Heritage of High Lodge project. This 4.2km trail, with shortcuts at 1km and 3km, will provide access for everyone into the Forest from High Lodge Centre, as it has a surface suitable for pushchiars, wheelchairs and mobility scooters and benches and perches at 100m intervals. Click here read more about Trailing the Hidden Heritage of High Lodge

Monday Volunteers

The Monday Volunteers are members of FoTF who come to High Lodge with their carers and carry out a variety of tasks to help maintain and look after the surroundings. These tasks include ensuring that footpaths and cycle tracks and the Sound Trail and Play Areas are cleared of weeds, litter, and obstructions. They have also laid out new garden areas around Oak Lodge and planted a mixture of herbs and winter-flowering shrubs.