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Friends of Thetford Forest is delighted to announce an award of £1107 from the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust to purchase equipment to help with conservation and archaeology tasks. Having applied for funding in August, it is only now that we can publicise our success.
The Postcode Neighbourhood Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People's Postcode Lottery. Our grant came from money allocated to help voluntary groups in this year's challenging circumstances.

The latest FoTF Newsletter (Autumn/Winter 2020) is out now. The new look newsletter can be viewed here.

Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF) Conservation Group Reports 2016

Annual Report (2016)

2016 once again saw Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF) Conservation tackle a full programme of 12 events visiting locations as varied as Cranwich, Hochkham, and Santon Downham Workshops performing a variety of tasks such as the construction of Owl and Bat Boxes, scrub clearance, and Gorse clearance.

The team once again opened the year by joining forces with Toadwatch to errect the toad fences at Cranwich on the busy A134 to help the toads move from the woods to the south west to the ponds to the north. February saw FoTF Conservation join forces with FoTF Lynford Arboretum for a joint event at Lynford Arborteum.

FoTF Conservation Group at Work at Hockham clearing Gorse (September 2016)

March saw the team at High Lodge for the 2016 Discovery Day where the team met members of the public while constructing Owl Boxes. April saw the team return to the Goshawk Trail to repair the screen, as the original screen had suffered over the years due to weathering. While there the team also undertook some general clearance tasks.

May saw FoTF Conservation head to Mildenahll Warren Lodge to undertake clearance work ahead of the open day later in the month. While there the team also continued their work on the Mugwort reintroduction project just a short distance away at the Mildenhall Pits. June saw FoTF Conservation visit a brand new site, Frosts Common near Hockham. While close to the Hills & Holes of Hockham, the team had never visited the Pingos at Forsts Common so got to add another location to the long list of locations the team have undertaken work at.

July saw FoTF Conservation visit Rex Graham Reserve undertaking their annual clearance at the reserve to help the rare Orchids. August saw the team visit Lynford Water to undertake scrub clearance around the waters edge. The September and October even saw the team returm to Hockham to undertake Gorse removal and to burn, in a controlled manner, the large amount of Gorse removed.

November saw FoTF Conservation return to Lynford Water to remove small trees from around the water edge and undertake work on the reed beds. December saw the annual event at Santom Downham Workshops where, as well as treating themselves to festive goodies, the team built bird boxes for use around the forest.

Many thanks to our willing volunteers, as none of this would be possible without them!