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Friends of Thetford Forest is delighted to announce an award of £1107 from the Postcode Neighbourhood Trust to purchase equipment to help with conservation and archaeology tasks. Having applied for funding in August, it is only now that we can publicise our success.
The Postcode Neighbourhood Trust is a grant-giving charity funded entirely by players of People's Postcode Lottery. Our grant came from money allocated to help voluntary groups in this year's challenging circumstances.

The latest FoTF Newsletter (Autumn/Winter 2020) is out now. The new look newsletter can be viewed here.

Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF) Conservation Group Report 2019

Annual Report (2019)

January 2019

This month we joined with the Cranwich Toad Patrol to help set up their toad fence on the edge of Cranwich Woods. Further details can be found in the Spring/Summer 2019 FoTF Newsletter.

FoTF Conservation Group at Work at the Float Meadow, Lynford Woods (February 2019)

February 2019

We worked on a new site this month: Float Meadow on the edge of Lynford Woods. We worked on clearing scrub and small willow trees that were overgrowing and shading a marshy area in one corner of the meadow. This work will help to restore habitat for various wetland plants communities that are present on the meadow.

March 2019

This month we returned to a site in Harling Woods to work on ponds that are home to many amphibians, including the rare great crested newt. We worked to clear trees and bushes that were overgrowning the ponds in order to provide more light and better conditions in the ponds.

April 2019

Because of Easter, we met a week earlier than usual on 14th April. We returned to the Santon Downham Workshops to finish off the mink rafts we started in December.

May 2019

This month in preperation of the annual open day we visited Mildenhall Warren Lodge to prepare for the 2019 Open Day at Mildenhall Warren Lodge. Some members of the team also made the short trip to Rex Graham Reserve.

FoTF Conservation Group at Work at Cranwich Camp (September 2019)

June 2019

This month we undertook a very different kind of task to normal. We worked with with members of the BTO - British Trust for Ornithology on a Nightjar Nest Hunt

July 2019

This month we returned to Rex Graham reserve for our annual mainteance task at the reserve. We worked to ensure the Orchids are not muscled out by weeds or other plants.

August 2019

This month we returned to Santon Street, Santon Downham. We worked to remove Broom and scrub to prevent it encroaching and crowding out Scleranthus perennis spp. Prostratus, or Perennial Knawel.

Septemmber 2019

This month we visited yet another new site for FoTF Conservation: Cranwich Camp in Crnawich Woods. We worked on clearing scrub and small trees from the ditches at the entrance to Cranwich Camp to restore habitat.

October 2019

This month we returned to Hockham Hills & Holes for the annual Gorse Bash, of which October is the first event (the 2nd will be the FoTF Conservation November event). This month we focused on clearing Gorse, and gathering the Gorse into piles (which will be burnt in a controlled manner in November (as well as clearing yet more Gorse!)).

FoTF Conservation Group at Work at Hockham Hills & Holes (November 2019)

November 2019

This month we returned to Hockham Hills & Holes for the annual Gorse Bash, of which November is the second event (the 1st being the FoTF Conservation October event). This month we continued with the clearance of Gorse, and gathering the Gorse into piles. We also performed a controlled burn of the cleared Gorse so it did not present a fire hazard.

December 2019

The final FoTF Conservation group event of 2019 saw the team head over towards Brandon and revisit the Goshawk Trail, here the team cleared self seeded Pine trees from the trail. As it was also the Christmas event the team also treated themselves to some festive nibbles for all their hard work in 2019!