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Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF) Corporate Membership

Frienda of Thetford Forest Corporate Membership Scheme is open to all businesses in East Anglia and demonstrates commitment to the environment and support for the Public Forest Estate which includes Thetford Forest.

Corporate Members' subscriptions help finance projects to enhance the forest for wildlife and for people.

For an annual membership of £300, corporate members benefit from:

1As you may have seen in the press, the Forest Live series of concerts is no longer organised by Forestry England directly and this means that we are unable to obtain tickets for our corporate members as in previous years.
This is the short press release which explains the change to how the concerts are delivered: "Forestry England have appointed Live Nation's Cuffe and Taylor as their new co-promoter partner to deliver the Forest Live concert series with them. They bring extensive experience and vast knowledge of presenting breathtaking tours, festivals and shows across the UK. The new partnership will allow Forestry England to access even more global and high-profile artists to perform at the concerts".
Each corporate member has received an email explaining what we can offer for the 2024 concert series.
For any further information please email [email protected] showing subject as 'Concert Query'.

FoTF Corporate Members' Subscriptions have funded:

Corporate members' subscriptions help Friends to help the forest. If you know of a business keen to join, or would like more details of the corporate membership scheme, then please contact the Chair via [email protected]