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The FoTF committee met virtually last week and focused on what we need to do to enable a safe return to volunteering. We've read the Forestry England guidance and also that produced by East District, but as an independent organisation, we are putting together our own risk assessments to mitigate the risks posed by Covid-19 and to safeguard you, our volunteers.
We are also updating the Volunteer Welfare Form. If you are intending to resume volunteering or would like to take part, we will require each one of you to complete and return this form, so that we have your current details.
The risk assessments and our safety guidelines will be shared with FE, as a matter of courtesy and because it is the forest land manager controlling permission. Once we have agreement, we can then email them to you, together with the welfare form.

We would very much like to begin volunteering again sometime in the autumn - with the walking trails' checking and the archaeological sites; monitoring, followed by a gradual return to safe-distancing groups for conservation tasks and at Lynford Arboretum. However this is dependent on FE's agreement and resources and the on-going Covid-19 situation.

Please be assured that we do not want anyone to return who does not think it is safe or appropriate for them to do so.

Friends of Thetford Data Protection Policy

Friends of Thetford Forest (FoTF) operates a policy on the use of personal data that adheres to the principles set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of 2018.

Personal data held will be limited to names, addresses, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of members, volunteers and officers of Friends of Thetford Forest. In the case of volunteers, emergency contact information will be held in sealed envelopes at the location of the volunteering activity and a record of their attendance and time spent will be kept.

Emergency contact information for volunteers will also be passed on to Forestry England (FE) to comply with FE's Health and Safety requirements but only with the express permission of the volunteers.

Data will be collected from members joining FoTF directly or from the Forestry England if members tick the 'Friend's of Thetford Forest' membership option on the Discovery Pass membership form.

FoTF will not pass any personal data on to third parties, unless a third party has organised an event to which FoTF members have been invited but only then if the member agrees to their information being passed on. In this circumstance, the personal data of the FoTF member taking advantage of the third party event will be used and only for the purposes relating to the administration of that event.

FoTF will not pass on personal data to commercial organisations.

FoTF may use personal data for the following purposes:

  1. To give notice of Annual General Meetings or any other general meetings as may arise.
  2. To advertise members only special events and volunteering opportunities.
  3. To advise volunteers of meeting times, dates and venues.
  4. To distribute the bi-annual newsletter.
  5. To inform and remind members of their annual subscription renewal.
  6. To inform emergency services and relatives in the event of an accident.
  7. To administer the award of Discovery Passes after a volunteer has achieved 35 hours of volunteering.
  8. To record FoTF's overall contribution to volunteering in Thetford Forest.

Members may opt out of receiving any form of communication by informing the Membership Secretary or any officer of FoTF or by using the e-mail address. Members may also request that their personal data held by FoTF be deleted at any time by informing the Membership Secretary or any officer of FoTF or by using the e-mail address.

FoTF will undertake to perform data cleansing on a monthly basis. In particular, lapsed memberships will be removed from the database within two months of the date of expiry. The data of members who join via the option on the Discovery Pass form will be up-dated on the renewal of their membership or deleted on the 12 month anniversary of their membership if not renewed.

Written Consent or Permission will be sought from any individuals featuring in images taken at FoTF events before such images are published in any format for publicity or other purposes.