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We have been asked by High Lodge Centre to tell our members that due to the capacity restrictions in force in site, it is best to avoid arriving between 10:30 and 14:00 at weekends as it has been necessary to shut the gates due to the maximum number of cars on site on a number of occasions.

This has led to unacceptable parking on the road outside and as a result the Police have attended and offence tickets issued.

The situation is monitored constantly and it is hoped that capacity will gradually be increased, as other venues also open and the visitor load is spread more evenly.

Up to date info can be found at all times on the FE High Lodge website and their Facebook pages.

We hope you understand these capacity rules are for safety reasons in these challenging times, and obviously we want both visitors and staff to stay safe whilst on site.

Thank you

Goshawk Trail

Goshawk Trail Opening (2006)

Friday May 12th 2006 saw a number of invited guests arrive at Mayday car park to celebrate the completion and reopening of the trail and a visit to the bird viewing screens FoTF had installed along the route.

One of the benches installed at the Woodpecker playground area by FoTF Volunteers

The trail was opened by Nick Gibbons, recently retired Forestry England Conservation officer, who then led the invited guests on a guided walk around the new trail, stopping off at various places including the new screen, before returning to the start for well deserved picnic.

Please take the time to come and have a look - the walk is easy to follow, suitable for most people and there's lots to see on the way around, tangible evidence of how membership subscriptions help FoTF to improve facilities for everyone within Thetford Forest

Goshawk Trail Bird Hide Screens 2010

FoTF Conservation Group at Work at the Goshawk Trail constructing a second bird hide screen (March 2010)

During 2010 FoTF Conservation made repeat visits to the Goshawk Trail at MayDay during the construction of a second bird hide screen. Previously, the FoTF Conservation had errected a pre-constructed bird screen, following preparation of the location.

The second screen was not only errected by FoTF Conservation, but was also built from scratch by FoTF Conservation. As well as clesring the site, the group had to install the core supporting structure and interweave the material to constrcut the screen.

Goshawk Ponds

In 2013 FoTF Conservation once again made a return visit to the Goshawk Trail to undertake work on the existing ponds, and to also repair and clear the existing ponds.

Goshawk Trail Bird Hide Screen 2016

In 2016 FoTF Conservation once again returned to the Goshawk Trail to replace the now aging screen and replace it with a new screen.

Goshawk Trail 2019

FE & FoTF volunteers install one of the replacement waymarker posts

Following inspection by Forestry England and FoTF it was noted the Goshawk Trail has succumb to the elements and the marker posts and header board were showing signs of their age. As a result of this in late 2019 FoTF joined forced with Forestry England to undertake a program of work during late 2019 and 2020 to remedy the issues identified with planned work to include:

  • Replacement of the current Header board (funded by FoTF)
  • Replacement of markers posts across the full route (funded by FoTF)
  • Undertaking vegtation clearance (as part of FoTF Conservation events)